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We spent the last days surrounded by the magical Austrian Alps filming 2 of the most talented Italian snowboarder out there. Two great friends sharing an incredible passion with the right mood ! Take a sit and enjoy Sebastian Springeth and Max Zebe ripping the Absolut Park during one of the best week of the season.Thank you sososososo much Flachauwinkl for the amazing hospitality, you the best place on earth !    

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Couple of tricks on a 300mt slope during the worst season of the past 10 years. Featuring: Andrea Bergamaschi, Sebastian Springeth, Simone Zambelli, Daniele Boccingher.Filming/ Editing : Stefano Bergamaschi

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Nate is lost somewhere in NYC and needs your help to move back to the mtn ! Bozung wrote "Currently stuck in NYC ... trying to get back to the west coast so I can make it back on the mountain .. 0 dollars 2 my name.Help me get outta this fuckn city so I can get my sobriety back n snowboard this winter. Ready to film and be in the mountains. " Nate is a true inspiration and deserves to be helped like a true hero ! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU  WAITING FOR ? Click this link and give him some money !  

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